Shareholder Warning

You should be aware that fraudsters, mostly based overseas, sometimes make unsolicited contact with shareholders offering investment advice or to buy / sell shares at prices which can be significantly higher / lower than the market price of the share. Quite often these transactions turn out to be worthless and can result in a loss to the shareholder.

  • Some Oilex Ltd shareholders have recently experienced unsolicited and unauthorised approaches. If you should receive such a call you should:
  • Remain vigilant – if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is
  • Take a note of the correct name and contact details of the person and organisation that has contacted you
  • Check if the company or individual is appropriately authorised by a financial regulator – see contact details below
  • Obtain independent advice from a qualified advisor or stockbroker
  • Report any unsolicited approaches in relation to your shares to the company’s registrar
  • Do not respond to high pressure tactics and do not provide details of your personal financial affairs if you are unsure of the bona fide nature of the caller

Whilst the Company is unable to answer individual enquiries regarding unsolicited emails purporting to come from the Company, recipients thereof are welcome to send details of any such fraudulent mails to the company at [email protected]