Oilex has implemented a number of Policies, Standards and Procedures within its organisation, including:
  • An Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy
  • A Diversity Policy which highlights the values and outcomes sought by the organisation
  • Risk Management Procedure which conform to
    • Relevant legislative requirements
    • Relevant industry codes of practice
    • Standards of training reflecting the industry’s best occupational health and safety (OHS) practice
  • Employment Standard for Attracting and retaining the best personnel
  • Applying the best environmental standards
  • A robust reporting framework including quality controls and assurance checks 
  • Establishing relationships among all key stake holders based upon mutual respect and trust including the cultural heritage values of traditional owners and native title holders.
  • Consultation and liaison with all concerned groups, including Indigenous stakeholders, government agencies, local communities and interest groups.
It is Oilex’s goal to ensure that all our activities in Oilex’s areas of operation:
  • Meet health and safety standards and guidelines
  • Are environmentally sustainable
  • Adhere to ethical standards
  • Embody mutual respect for all stakeholders