Board of Directors


Joe Salomon

(Executive Chairman)
B App Sc, (Geology), GAICD
Mr Salomon has a Bachelor degree in Applied Science and is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia, South East Asian Petroleum Exploration Society and has over 32 years’ experience working for upstream energy companies. Mr Salomon has worked for a number of oil & gas companies in various senior positions including General Manager Exploration and New Ventures at Murphy Oil Corporation and Global Head of Geoscience at RISC PL, in addition to a number of executive director roles including Strategic Energy Resources, Norwest Energy and Nido Petroleum. At several times in his career, Mr Salomon has acted as an independent consultant for various oil & gas companies, including New Standard Energy and Pacrim Energy. Joe first worked on Indian projects in 1994 while at Ampolex and since that time has maintained connection with the Indian industry, at various times bidding in India’s exploration and field development rounds and working with Indian companies as joint venture partners, both in India and internationally.

Mr Salomon was appointed as a Director in November 2015 and become Managing Director in March 2016.

In April 2020 Mr Salomon was appointed as Interim Chairman of the Company. 


Roland Wessel

(chief executive officer and director)

Mr Wessel is a geologist with 45 years’ experience in all of the world’s major oil and gas regions. Mr Wessel founded and built Star Energy, the UK onshore operator of 25 oil and gas fields, through to its listing on AIM in 2004 and its sale to Petronas in 2008. During its evolution, Star Energy grew rapidly through acquisitions and diversification, culminating in it becoming a major gas storage developer and operator. Throughout his career, Mr Wessel has founded and managed a drilling services company and has developed and patented several key oilfied technologies. He has extensive experience in both project and corporate management.

Mr Wessel was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in June 2021. 


Mark Bolton

(Non-executive director)

Joining Oilex in June 2016, Mr Bolton has worked as Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary for a number of international resource companies since 2003.  Prior to that he worked with Ernst & Young as an Executive Director in Corporate Finance. In addition to his strengths in the commercial management and financing of resource projects internationally, Mr Bolton has extensive experience in capital and equity markets in a number of jurisdictions including TSX, ASX and AIM. In April 2020 Mr Bolton was appointed as an Executive Director of the Company. 


Paul Haywood

(Non-Executive DIRECTOR)

Mr Haywood has over 15 years’ international experience in delivering value for his investment network through a blended skill-set of corporate and operational experience, including six years in the Middle East, building early stage and growth projects. More recently, Mr Haywood has held senior management positions with UK and Australian public companies in the natural resource and energy sectors including O&G exploration and development in UK, EU and Central Asia. Mr Haywood’s expertise stretch across a broad UK and Australian public market, with a cross-functional skill set with diverse experience and capability encompassing research, strategy, implementation, capital and transactional management. Mr Haywood is currently Executive Director of Block Energy Plc and resource focussed UK advisory firm, Plutus Strategies Ltd.

Mr Haywood was appointed as a director in May 2017.


Peter Schwarz

(Non-Executive DIRECTOR)

Mr Schwarz was appointed as a Non-Executive Director in September 2019. A former director of BG Exploration and Production Limited and CEO of independent exploration company Virgo Energy Ltd, Mr Schwarz is an AAPG Certified Petroleum Geologist and business development professional with over 40 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. Mr Schwarz has previously held various senior management roles with Amerada Hess, BG, and Marubeni and is currently a director of Finite Energy Limited, an oil and gas consultancy business he founded over 15 years ago, specialising in strategy and business development advice in the UK and Europe.